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 Section VIII  

     Наконец-то появился первый отечественный фанфик по РОБОТЕКу! Автор - Выцепура Дмитрий Викторович. С превеликим удовольствием размещаю данное произведение на своем сайте. Итак - "Хроники Зора".

Что самое интересное, на него уже есть и рецензия. Читать здесь.

     ВНИМАНИЕ! Поскольку чтение фанфиков предполагает некоторый уровень знания английского языка (ибо переводить их на русский никто не будет), то эту часть ФАКа я специально оставил без перевода. Кому надо, тот поймет.
     Для тех, кто не знает. Фанфик - это фэнское творчество, самопальное художественное произведение (как правило, литературное), созданное на основе характеров и ситуаций, придуманных другими. 90% фанфиков - барахло и графоманство. Но бывают и приятные исключения, например, эпическое полотно Attention on Deck! by Jason W. Smith. Мне очень понравилось. Также могу порекомендовать PROTOCULTURE WARS by Aubry Thonon. Хотя это мое сугубое ИМХО.



8.1.1: WHAT IS IT?

_Objective Reflex Point_ is a trilogy of novels set during the latter days of the Invid occupation of Earth; making it the contemporary of the "New Generation" segment of the original TV series. Begun in 1986, this work was penned by Peter Walker ( and Anand Rao.

Book 1, _Roll Call_, follows a celebrated REF pilot, Michael Austin, who survives the disastrous Mars Division attempt to reclaim Earth from the Invid. Accompanied by another REF officer, Jeanette Ducasse, the pair find themselves in Invid-dominated Europe. They are joined by Milo Swift and Roger Pike, former Southern Cross regulars, Laurie Mason, a nurse-turned-Alpha pilot with ties to the resistance, and Blake Hammond, her half-Zentraedi brother-in- law, a son of a dead resistance leader. This book sees their trek through Europe and the emergence of a new unity on the continent to challenge the Invid.

Book 2, _A Soldier's Fortune_ sees the culmination of the European military response to the Invid, followed by the departure of Michael's resistance band from Europe for North America. Book 3, _Final Mission_ details the final days of the Invid occupation, the return of the expeditionary fleet, and the conclusion of the war from the perspective of the members of Michael's outfit.

In addition, there are glossaries for each of the books, including mecha statistics (composed by the author and Pieter Thomassen), timelines, and other details of interest from Peter Walker's version of the Robotech universe. In addition, there is a Novella, _The Hunted_, which examines an episode earlier in Michael Austin's life during his career as a pilot with the expeditionary force.

Further works in the future include _Akhilleus' Anger_ and _No Destiny so Cruel_, about Michael's father, Thomas Austin, a Valkyrie pilot in the RDF during the reconstruction years; and a sequel trilogy set fifteen years after the departure of the Regis.


If you would like to get a copy of the Robotech: Objective Reflex Point series, the following stories are available for anonymous FTP at You may also contact one of the authors (Peter Walker; and he will be more than happy to mail you a copy, or answer any questions you may have.

The story consists of the following files which are stored in the directory:

/archives/anime-fan/works/Robotech/Objective-Reflex-Point (Book 1: Roll Call) robotech.orp.2.soldiers.fortune.gz (Book 2: A Soldier's Fortune)	        (Book 3: Final Mission)	        (Novella: The Hunted)
robotech.orp.glossary.1.rc.gz	        (Book 1 Glossaries)
robotech.orp.glossary.2.asf.gz	        (Book 2 Glossaries)	        (Book 3 Glossaries)
robotech.orp.glossary.misc.gz	        (Miscellaneous glossaries)

ftp to /archives/anime-fan/works/Robotech/Objective-Reflex-Point

Several of the works listed here are missing from the archive or are incomplete; that is because they have not yet been made ready for electronic publication. All new chapters will be posted to rec.arts.anime.stories,, and as they are made ready, as well as being added to the archive.


8.2.1: WHAT IS IT?

Robotech: The Misfold is a story started by Chris Meadows and added to by about nine or ten other people. The concept behind this story is that anybody may join in by writing about the adventures of a character or group of characters, including the ones that have already been established (no character "belongs" to any one person in this story). This writing is then submitted to the editor (Chris), who makes the necessary adjustments for all the submissions to fit together.

The story is essentially about an Ikazuchi starship from the Robotech Expeditionary Force that accidentally misfolds into another dimension, ending up in a present-day earth not unlike our own. There are currently six complete parts, but work on a seventh has begun. It is possible the story will go to at least part ten before it is complete.

Note: Authorial positions for Robotech: The Misfold are always open. Read the story thus far and email Chris Meadows at if you'd like to join in.


Robotech: The Misfold is available via anonymous FTP to /archives/anime-fan-works/Robotech/The-Misfold, the WPI anime fanfiction archive.

The story so far is there as:

-rw-r--r-- 1 megazone 26521 Aug 23 14:16 robotech.misfold.1.gz
-rw-r--r-- 1 megazone 25273 Aug 23 14:26 robotech.misfold.2.gz
-rw-r--r-- 1 megazone 38410 Aug 24 16:44 robotech.misfold.3.gz
-rw-r--r-- 1 megazone 45137 Aug 26 07:33 robotech.misfold.4.gz
-rw-r--r-- 1 megazone 27010 Jul 29 1993 robotech.misfold.5.gz
-rw-r--r-- 1 megazone 35307 Nov 14 1993 robotech.misfold.6.gz

ftp to /archives/anime-fan-works/Robotech/The-Misfold


8.3.1: WHAT IS IT?

The Legend of the Sky Beast is the first Robotech fanfic story Chris Meadows ever wrote. He wrote it in high school, before he'd even heard of the Internet. The story follows two archaeologist-adventurers to a site in a fictitious South American country where they make a discovery that could change the history of the world forever.

8.3.2: WHERE CAN I GET IT? /archives/anime-fan-works/Robotech

FTP /anime: -rw-r--r-- 1 megazone 30954 Mar 7 1993 robotech.skybeast.gz

ftp to


8.4.1: WHAT IS IT?

The Robotech/RIFTS Crossover was the first fanfic story Chris Meadows wrote when he found the Internet. It deals with a Robotech GMU and an Invid Hive that are mysteriously rifted to the world of another Palladium game, RIFTS.

8.4.2: WHERE CAN I GET IT? /archives/anime-fan-works/Robotech

FTP /anime: -rw-r--r-- 1 megazone 148410 Sep 6 1992 robotech.rifts.gz

ftp to


8.5.1: WHAT IS IT?

Undocumented Features is a truly sprawling fanfiction universe, the largest anime fanfiction universe online as far as is known. It is an original universe that borrows characters and situations, and the occasional plot device, from other popular works. There are some non-anime aspects, but mostly it draws from anime for its content. Robotech, or the shows that became Robotech, are a large part of the source material and it has proven to be extremely popular with Robotech fans. If you want something different, you might enjoy checking it out. Created by MegaZone, Benjamin 'Gryphon' Hutchins, and Robert 'ReReob' Mandeville, later joined by several others.


FTP to /anime and get dp.uf.GUIDE.gz That is the guide file which explains the story layout and lists the story files. You can grab them all with 'mget dp.u*'


8.6.1: WHAT IS IT?

A gaming supplement by Chris Meadows that crosses Palladium's Ninjas and Superspies and the Invid Invasion.

8.6.2: WHERE CAN I GET IT? /archives/anime-fan-works/Robotech/RPG

FTP /anime: -rw-r--r-- 1 megazone 15555 Aug 26 07:37 robotech.invid.ninjas.spies.gz

ftp to /archives/anime-fan-works/Robotech/RPG


8.7.1: WHAT IS IT?

A delightfully twisted short story, best left to be read and not described, by John Morrison.

8.7.2: WHERE CAN I GET IT? /archives/anime-fan-works/Robotech

        FTP /anime:
-rw-r--r--  1 megazone     3163 Jul 13  1993 robotech.liked.minmei.gz

ftp to


8.8.1: WHAT IS IT?

_Protoculture Wars_ is a trilogy of novels by Aubry Thonon spanning all eras of the Robotech Universe. Although the first novel starts at roughly the same time as the reconstruction of New Macross on Terra, the novels allude to incidents taking place well before this. Begun in 1985, these novels are constantly being revised and a new version of Book 1 should be available by December 1994.

Book 1, _Children of the Light, Children of the Shadow_ follows the lives of three Terrans (Hausthar Reneth, Michele Cequor and Victor) as they discover that one's memories aren't always the last bastion of truth. It also proposes a new version of the final battle above New Macross. Looming in the background is the specter of one or more personnae manipulating the lives of those involved.

Book 2, _Children of Zor, Children of Haydon_ takes place roughly 500 years after the Invid Invasion, when a group of Pretoxican Generation ships appear in the Fourth Quadrant, searching for a renegade scientist called Haydon. Old friends and new faces take up arms to try to stop the Pretoxicans from destroying what they perceive to be illegal experiments by Haydon. Resolution of the Shaping issue and of the manipulators in Book 1. < and thhpphht to McKinney and *his* version of the Shaping >

Book 3, _Children of Lies, Children of Deceit_ is still in the project stages and will chronicle the rise and fall of the 13th Armoured Veritech Attack Corp "Cheetahs", a group made up of the dregs and rejects of the RDF, REF and SCA. Spanning the era between the building of the SDF-3 and the final assault on Reflex Point. Explains the references made in Book 2.

Book 4, _Children of Love, Children of Hate_ will be a series of short stories detailing events throughout the Robotech Universe. No set cast. A kind of "Chronicles" for the _Protoculture Wars_ Universe.


The first book, _Children of the Light, Children of the Shadow_ is available for anonymous FTP from You may also contact the author ( who will be more than happy to discuss the foibles of the book with you. /archives/anime-fan-works/Robotech/The-Protoculture-Wars

-rw-r--r-- 1 megazone 90765 Sep 12 1991 robotech.children.shadow.gz

ftp to

Of the other works, Book 2 is currently being serialised on the Robotech List as well as rec.arts.anime.stories and, although the author does not have read-access to that last newsgroup.


8.9.1: WHAT IS IT?

"Protoculture Addicts" was originally the official fanzine (a fan-written, fan-produced magazine) for Robotech. However, when the original series ended and the Sentinels sequel was shot down, the authors of Protoculture Addicts quickly started to run out of material to write about. Then in December of 1990 the producers decided to drop the official Robotech label and widen the focus of the fanzine to cover ALL types of anime. In the almost 4 years since then the magazine has done relatively well, and has expanded from a cheaplydone fanzine into a quite respectable 8 1/2 x 11 (almost) magazine, with articles covering all the latest developments in anime both in Japan and in America.

Protoculture Addicts is a 52-page (on average) bi-monthly magazine published by Ianus Publications in Canada, and costs $4.95 per issue. As of 9/13/94 the latest issue to have been released is #29.


Subscriptions to Protoculture Addicts are available at $25 for a 6 issue (1 year) subscription. All non-Canadian customers must pay in US currency. Canadians must add 7% for GST and overseas customers should add $15 for shipping. Checks should be drawn to "Ianus Publications Inc" and sent to the address below:

Ianus Publications, Inc. 5000 D'lberville Street, Suite #332 Montreal, Qc. Canada, H2H 2S6


8.10.1: WHAT IS IT?

"Mecha Press" is a magazine dedicated to covering mecha. In particular, Mecha Press has articles on the original animations and stats for various mecha designs, tips and tricks for building mecha models, and stats and ideas for including mecha in various roleplaying games. Mecha Press was originally an offshoot of Protoculture Addicts (see above) intended to focus specifically on mecha-oriented anime. While gamers and mecha modelers loved the magazine, anime fans had a lukewarm reaction to it, so the producers decided to move the articles on mecha anime back to Protoculture Addicts and mostly reserve Mecha Press for gaming- and modeling-related articles.

Mecha Press is a 52-page (on average) bi-monthly magazine published by Ianus Publications in Canada, and costs $5.95 per issue. As of 8/29/94 the latest issue to have been released is #13, though #14 should be out any day now.

As a side note, many of the authors and editors for Mecha Press have been known to participate in discussions on the newsgroup If you are interested in the magazine and want more information, you can usually get in touch with them by posting a message to that newsgroup.


Subscriptions to Mecha Press are available at $36 for a 6 issue (1 year) subscription. All non-Canadian customers must pay in US currency. Canadians must add 7% for GST and overseas customers should add $15 for shipping. Checks should be drawn to "Ianus Publications Inc" and sent to the address below:

Ianus Publications, Inc. 5000 D'lberville Street, Suite #332 Montreal, Qc. Canada, H2H 2S6


8.11.1: WHAT IS IT?

A short story written in a post-Second Robotech War setting. Two pilots, Terran and Tyrolian, survive in the aftermath of the . Both are lost in a dying world, but each must carry out orders given by dead leaders. It is a glimpse into the life and death struggles of war and survival told by Daniel Bille


If you would like a copy of Robotech: Swords, or one of his growing number of fiction peices, you can either email Dan ( or you can anonymously ftp it from under: /archives/anime-fan/works/Robotech/robotech.swords.gz